Dr. Panchal and staff are the epitome of professionalism, care, and personality. He personally interacts with both staff and patients alike to ensure not only is his office a constant atmosphere for continued learning and professional evolution, but will personally interact with and get involved with each case on a personal level from a basic cleaning to a more involved procedure. Most businesses, from healthcare to “manufacturing widgets” are treated as just that… a business. Dr. Panchal can’t help but wear his care for his patients on his sleeve, with the mastery of dentistry to truly round out the experience. Thanks Doc!

Dale A.

This is still the best dentist office I EVER went to. I love the staff, truly nice and friendly people. They absolutely fixed my teeth, I have had crooked teeth all my life and never thought I could do anything besides go to an orthodontists but little did I know your dentist can help too! I truly am sad I am moving away from town and won’t be able to use them as my regular dentist! I trust them with my smile and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Allyse D.

The best dentist in town. I have been going here for 5 years and it is a joy every time. Professional, clean, effective, perfect.

Ben S.

The experiences I’ve had at Southeast Smiles have changed the way I view a dental visit. I just had a cavity filled for the first time in over 10 years. The technology used to perform this procedure was a true game changer. Dr. Panchal has a Solea laser machine. This made it possible to have an almost completely pain free experience without the need for any anesthesia. It was fast and simple and I could not be happier with the results.

Keith B.

Thorough first time visit: the tech was engaging and careful; kept things relaxed. Dr. Panchal has excellent bedside manner–super courteous, sincere, and interested in the whole patient and without formal “doctor head” superiority which I always find annoying. Thoughtful differential diagnostics– excellent clinical skills. I will definitely return. Learned a lot about the current status of my teeth and received a thorough plan of care. Couldn’t top that!

Christine S.

This is a great, friendly dentist’s office. I’ve been to a lot of dentist’s office and they treat you like a part in a factory: part comes in, part goes through machine, part pays and gets out. In this office, Dr. Panchal pays attention to details and the patient’s well being. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a great dentist.

Nina D.

I’m a health care provider myself and I was totally pleased with my experience. Bethany did my cleaning and was very personable and knowledgeable (probably the most thorough cleaning I’ve received) and Dr. Panchal swooped in and summarized everything well including my treatment plan. Pleased that I found this practice.

Constance F.

Dr. P and his staff are so friendly and professional. Dr. P always works in finding the best solution for his patients. I have never had a bad experience and before I leave, Dr. P makes sure that I am satisfied and happy with his work. I had dental implants and am very happy and satisfied.

Elvira L.

The entire staff at Southeast Smiles is both, top-notch professional as well as very compassionate and considerate. I value Dr. Panchal’s highly skilled and very thorough dentistry, his creativity and his very personable approach. If it’s at all possible to call a dentist visit a “joy”, a visit to Southeast Smiles certainly would be.

Hedi P.

Dr. Panchal and staff are knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful. The practice focuses on the relationship with the patients, highlighting dental needs while working within financial limits.

Walter L.

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